8 Reasons Why Nevada Rocks And You Should Move Here

Las Vegas offers a lot of opportunities, especially for employment. If you’re thinking of moving to the Silver State, here are 10 reasons to take the plunge.

1. Employment

The job market in Nevada blossoms more each year. Not just in the gaming, tourism, and hotel industries, but also in mining, logistics, aerospace, education, construction, and the tech industry. Since Nevada’s tax rate is so low, companies and entrepreneurs find it enticing to build businesses here.

2. Beautiful Views

Contrary to popular belief, Nevada isn’t all flat deserts. True, there are many miles of wide open deserts, gorgeous sunsets and starlit skies, but you can also find deep canyons, snowy mountains, blazing red rock cliffs, the largest alpine lake in the U.S., and lush forests with four stunning seasons. Prepare to experience some of the most raw and rugged beauty our country has to offer!

3. Pay Far Less Taxes

One of the most favorite benefits of living in Nevada is the lack of state income tax. Since tourism is big business in parts of Nevada, the state doesn’t need to stick its hand into citizens’ pockets any more than necessary. There is also no tax on food or medicines. You’re welcome.

4. Delectable Foodie Fun

You can experience meals to suit any taste, from country style meals in northern Nevada to the buffets and exquisite gourmet restaurants in the south. Food shopping is also easier on your pocket, because Nevada is known for its reasonable prices on food. Add in the fact that there’s no sales tax on food, and it’s a foodie’s dream.

5. Education

Thanks to the taxes brought in by gaming and tourism, the school systems are fantastic throughout Nevada. You’ll also have your choice of several good colleges that can offer an interactive education to their students.

6. Shopping

Reno and Las Vegas offer an incredible array of shopping opportunities, from outlet malls to posh designer boutiques, you can find nearly anything you want in these towns. If you’re looking for easy opportunities to splurge or have shop-til-you-drop weekends, Vegas and Reno can’t be beat.

7. Entertainment

There are endless chances for entertainment in Nevada, particularly in Reno and Las Vegas. Reno is known for its many festivals, concerts, and other events held frequently in this beautiful city, while Las Vegas is bursting at the seams with entertainment in almost every form you can imagine. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for, whether it’s stand-up comedy, concerts, the circus, magic shows, museums, sporting events, and much, much more.

8. Gambling

You probably already knew that gambling is legal in Nevada, given that Las Vegas is a renown gambler’s paradise. If you enjoy gaming, you won’t have to go far to find an opportunity. In fact, if you’re a lover of slot machines, you’ll find those “one-armed bandits” everywhere: airports, grocery stores, gas stations, and casinos of all sizes.

When you add up all these reasons to move to here, it would be hard for any other state to hold a candle to the unique experience that life in Nevada has to offer.